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Mnemonics : Installation is a three part presentation of the story depicted in the short film. In the film  the audience is introduced to a character that reveals her story through a series of animated sequences. In the installation these animated sequences are deconstructed into still images, animation cells and large scale drawing maps; if the film places the viewer outside of the story, the installation places her inside of the character's mind.

To find out more about the film and view the trailer, please visit 



All the animation is hand drawn, frame by frame. In this part of the installation the audience is able to view all the animation cells that make the sequences in the film.

Animation cells examples:



A large scale drawings depict animated imagery from the film. They function as maps for animation projected onto them. Viewing both still and moving imagery on the same plane, the audience is able to view the progression of movement and experience the tension between the two mediums.

Test sample of animated projections (the drawing maps will be created on site and sized to space requirements) :



In this final part of the installation the audience is able to view the film. It is displayed in an intimate setting allowing the story to reach its emotional, aesthetic and narrative climax.




In a perfect setting the installation exists as a continuous piece through three separate spaces. The size of each part is flexible and easily adaptable to different room configurations.

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