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Pour the Water as I Leave is an animated hybrid documentary about what happened to Bosnians 25 years ago and how it relates to refugees of the world today. It is a story that reveals what it takes to go through the war zone, become a refugee and find a new home in a foreign country. Structured as a hybrid between fiction and non-fiction, the story follows the two protagonists, a man and a woman, attempting to escape Bosnia in the height of the conflict of 1993. Their fantastical reality is enhanced by animation, choreographed dance, and visual abstraction. On their path they encounter real people, seven interviewees from Tuzla region BiH, whose testimonies are tied into the fictional narrative. Each of the interviewees are currently living in the USA and they appear seven times throughout the film. The medium of animation allows these interviews to be placed within the  reality of the fictional characters. This insertion of documentary into the narrative world of the film enables the fusion of past and present, offering the audience insights into the cause and effect of Bosnia’s downfall. The film ends with all participants, real and fictional, occupying one single thread of existence.

role : director, writer, editor, animator

Stills from the film 

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