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Portland is home to a strong Bosnian community, and many are former refugees who made a home here after the Balkan War in the 1990s. Pour the Water as I Leave is an animated, narrative/documentary hybrid feature film by Portland-based, Bosnian-born filmmaker Daniela Repas. It tells a story about what happened to Bosnians 25 years ago and how it relates to refugees worldwide today.


The art exhibition Pour the Water as I Leave: Installation, Vol II: Film in Progress  brings the experience the filmmaking process and invites viewers to walk inside this film-in-progress. The exhibition features interviewees portrait photography by Simone Fischer, hand-drawn animation cels, large scale drawings and animated synopsis of the film by Daniela Repas, the Bosnian-born, and Portland-based director, animator & creator of the film Pour the Water as I Leave.

The exhibition was a part of Converge45 and exhibited at Nine Gallery, Portland OR; August 2023

role : writer, director, animator, illustrator

Portland, OR; Nine Gallery / Converge45

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